Cutchogue Health Club & Fitness

Cutchogue Health Club & Fitness

Cutchogue Health Club & Fitness

JBAS gym in the East End!

We are a comprehensive health studio with an emphasis on community and group fitness. Our goal is to motivate with energy, passion, and respect. We combine progressive ideas with popular traditional methods to provide an environment that inspires individuals to live an enriching lifestyle.

Personal Training

Working with a Personal Trainer at JABS is one of the best, and most invaluable decisions you can make!

You will be given: education, motivation, support, and accountability to achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re just starting out, you’re a seasoned athlete, or you just like burpees, we have award winning trainers available to work with you!

Learn about about JABS personal training!

Group Classes

Strength & Stretch

Beginning with a complete body workout to build strength & stability & followed by stretching & foam rolling to release tension and tightness.

PULSE – Dance Fitness

Rhythm…energy…movement…fitness…music! Welcome to PULSE. This exclusive class fuses the cultures of exercise and dance, giving you an awe-inspiring energy filled sweat sesh. High intensity and guaranteed to raise your pulse!


Strengthen and tone your upper body and core. Focusing on arms, chest, back, and abs, by lifting weights and engaging in upper body exercises. Are you ready to get ripped!?

Rock Bottom

This lower body focused strength session will create rock hard glutes, legs & core with muscle specific exercises. Are you ready to hit rock bottom!?


A dynamic and invigorating full body workout, combining ballet dance movements, Pilates, and strength training. Small and long movements are used to strengthen and lengthen muscles to give you that lean & sculpted look.


Exclusively developed by JABS. This class experience will take you where no other cycling class has gone before. Driven by music and motivation, you will be guided on the ultimate journey with dynamic coaching, heart pounding movement, and inspiration at each turn. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Check out our group class schedule!

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